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Neurons Generated In The Adult Brain Learn To Respond To Novel Stimuli / Stress : CASL
Imaging: arterial spin labelling / Stathmin: Loss of Fear Factor Makes Timid Mouse Bold /
Solving Big Questions: HHMI Bulletin September 2005: / Misfolded Proteins /
BOLD fMRI vs electrophysiological / DTI: Diffusion Tensor Imaging / Vision / BOLD fMRI
DID PTSD: Researchers Identify Where Emotional Fear Memory And Pain Become Permanently Etched In The Brain / FUNCTION / memory / consciousness / dissociation
Aging: Memory Loss In Older Adults Due To Distractions, Not Inability To Focus /
Neurochemistry: New Techniques Study The Brain's Chemistry, Neuron By Neuron /
Glossary / hydrophilic / hydrophobic
LINKS / Development: Imaging Study Shows Brain Maturing / Society for Neuroscience Brain Facts / Society for Neuroscience Public Resources /
mPFC: Excitotoxic lesions of the prelimbic-infralimbic areas of the rodent prefrontal cortex disrupt motor preparatory processes. /
Attention: Multiple neuronal networks mediate sustained attention. / Attention: The continuous performance test: a window on the neural substrates for attention? / Attention: Emotion: The interaction of attention and emotion. / Limbic system: The basal ganglia: anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology. / Emotion: Neural substrates of emotion as revealed by functional magnetic resonance imaging. / Fear: Emotional perseveration: an update on prefrontal-amygdala interactions in fear extinction. / Emotion: Limbic system: A review of systems and networks of the limbic forebrain/limbic midbrain. / Fear: Mesolimbic dopaminergic pathways in fear conditioning. / Positive Emotion: The neurobiology of positive emotions. / Fear: Brain activation to phobia-related words in phobic subjects. / Fear: Differential contribution of amygdala and hippocampust to cued and contextual fear conditioning / Aversion: Amygdala-prefrontal coupling depends on a genetic variation of the serotonin transporter. / Memory: Rapid prefrontal-hippocampal habituation to novel events. / Memory Suppression: Building and burying fear memories in the brain. / Memory: Subcortical loop activation during selection of currently relevant memories. / Memory: The primate working memory networks. /
Memory: Blockade of NMDA receptors in prelimbic cortex induces an enduring amnesia for odor-reward associative learning. / Memory: Glutamate: STRUCTURAL PLASTICITY AND MEMORY / Memory: Multiple memory systems: the power of interactions. / Memory: A synaptic model of memory: long-term potentiation in the hippocampus. / Stress: sfn Stress and the Brain / Stress: Medial prefrontal cortical integration of psychological stress in rats. /
Stress: Induction of deltaFosB in reward-related brain structures after chronic stress. /
Glucorticoids: Developmental regulation of the 5-HT7 serotonin receptor and transcription factor NGFI-A in the fetal guinea-pig limbic system: influen /
Somatosensory: Cytoarchitecture and cortical connections of the posterior cingulate and adjacent somatosensory fields in the rhesus monkey. /
Genes: Gene May Be Key To Evolution Of Larger Human Brain /
Fear & Cannabinoids: CB1 cannabinoid receptors modulate kinase and phosphatase activity during extinction of conditioned fear in mice. /
Placebo activates Endorphins to relieve Pain /
Pain: Attention to pain localization and unpleasantness discriminates the functions of the medial and lateral pain systems. /
Pain: Attention to pain localization and unpleasantness discriminates the functions of the medial and lateral pain systems. /
Pain: IBS: Differences in brain responses to visceral pain between patients with irritable bowel syndrome and ulcerative colitis. /
Pain: Differential projections from the mediodorsal and centrolateral thalamic nuclei to the frontal cortex in rats. /
Sleep: What can neuroimaging findings tell us about sleep disorders? /
Ion Channels /
Sleep: MEG tomography of human cortex and brainstem activity in waking and REM sleep saccades. /
Depression: 5HT: Measurement of brain regional alpha-[11C]methyl-L-tryptophan trapping as a measure of serotonin synthesis in medication-free patients /
Violence: Social Psychology: Ordinary People as Torturers /
Imaging: Emotion: The neural bases of amusement and sadness: a comparison of block contrast and subject-specific emotion intensity regression approach /
Imaging: Magnetic resonance imaging of cerebellar-prefrontal and cerebellar-parietal functional connectivity. /
Imaging: Mood Insomnia: Relationship between regional cerebral blood flow and separate symptom clusters of major depression: a single photon emission /
Imaging: Magnetic resonance imaging identifies cytoarchitectonic subtypes of the normal human cerebral cortex. /
Imaging: Disorder-specific neuroanatomical correlates of attentional bias in obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and hypochondriasis. /
Genes: 5HT: Beyond affect: A role for genetic variation of the serotonin transporter in neural activation during a cognitive attention task. /
Genes: 5HT: Frontal and limbic metabolic differences in subjects selected according to genetic variation of the SLC6A4 gene polymorphism. /
5HT: Regulation of septo-hippocampal activity by 5-hydroxytryptamine(2C) receptors. /
Cognition: Behavior: Frontal Lobes: Cognition, behavior and the frontal lobes. /
Decision: The cognitive neuroscience of human decision making: a review and conceptual framework. /
Morality Decisions:Influence of bodily harm on neural correlates of semantic and moral decision-making. /
Empathy: Prefrontal substrates of empathy: Psychometric evidence in a community sample. /
Disgust: fMRI: The moral affiliations of disgust: a functional MRI study. /
Behaviour: Impulsivity, emotion regulation, and developmental psychopathology: specificity versus generality of linkages. /
Behaviour: The primate basal ganglia: parallel and integrative networks. /
Behaviour: Oxytocin and vasopressin immunoreactivity within the forebrain and limbic-related areas in the mustached bat, Pteronotus parnellii. /
Behaviour: Response inhibition and disruptive behaviors: toward a multiprocess conception of etiological heterogeneity for ADHD combined type and cond /
Behaviour: Dissociable aspects of performance . lesions of the dorsal anterior cingulate, infralimbic and orbit /
Decision: Corticolimbic mechanisms in emotional decisions. /
Language: Frontal and posterior sources of event-related potentials in semantic comprehension. /
FM: Planting misinformation in the human mind: A 30-year investigation of the malleability of memory -- Loftus 12 (4): 361 -- Learning & Memory /
Autism: Localized enlargement of the frontal cortex in early autism. /
Autism: Enhanced salience and emotion recognition in Autism: a PET study. /
Autism: Neuroimaging in autistic spectrum disorder (ASD). /
Imaging: Emotion: A common neural basis for receptive and expressive communication of pleasant facial affect. /
Reward: Impact of expected reward on neuronal activity in prefrontal cortex, frontal and supplementary eye fields and premotor cortex. /
Highlights from Gage to NMR /
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