Monday, January 01, 1990

Decision: Corticolimbic mechanisms in emotional decisions.

Entrez PubMed: "Midline frontolimbic networks are engaged in monitoring simple actions. They may also provide evaluative control for more complex decisions. Subjects read a trait-descriptive word and responded either "yes" or "no" within 1,500 ms whether it was self-descriptive. By 300 ms, an electrophysiological discrimination between good and bad words was seen over centromedial regions of the frontal lobe for both friend and self-decisions. By 350 ms, an interaction effect between evaluation and endorsement appeared, and by 500 ms, activity specific to self-evaluation was seen in both anterior and posterior midline sites. An evaluative decision thus begins by recruiting motivational and semantic influences within limbic networks, and these influences appear to shape the development of the decision within multiple neocortical regions."

Corticolimbic mechanisms in emotional decisions.
Tucker DM, Luu P, Desmond RE Jr, Hartry-Speiser A, Davey C, Flaisch T.
Emotion. 2003 Jun;3(2):127-49.
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