Monday, January 01, 1990

Highlights from Gage to NMR

1848 - Phineas Gage has his brain pierced by an iron rod
1868 - Julius Bernstein measures the time course of the action potential
1869 - Francis Galton claims that intelligence is inherited (publication of Hereditary Genius)
1889 - Santiago Ramon y Cajal argues that nerve cells are independent elements
1889 - William His coins the term dendrite
1891 - Wilhelm von Waldeyer coins the term neuron
1895 - Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen invents the X-ray
1897 - Charles Scott Sherrington coins the term synapse
1899 - Francis Gotch describes a "refractory phase" between nerve impulses
1909 - Harvey Cushing is first to electrically stimulate human sensory cortex
1909 - Korbinian Brodmann describes 52 discrete cortical areas
1911 - Eugen Bleuler coins the term schizophrenia
1913 - Edwin Ellen Goldmann finds blood brain barrier impermeable to large molecules
1913 - Edgar Douglas Adrian publishes work on all-or-none principle in nerve
1919 - Cecile Vogt describes over 200 cortical areas
1919 - Pio del Rio Hortega divides neuroglia into microglia and oligodendroglia
1928 - Philip Bard suggests the neural mechanism of rage is in the diencephalon
1929 - Hans Berger publishes his findings about the first human electroencephalogram
1932 - Max Knoll and Ernst Ruska invent the electron microscope
1932 - Jan Friedrich Tonnies develops multichannel ink-writing EEG machine
1936 - Egas Moniz publishes work on the first human frontal lobotomy
1936 - Henry Hallett Dale and Otto Loewi share Nobel Prize for work on the chemical transmission between nerves
1938 - Ugo Cerletti and Lucino Bini treat human patients with electroshock
1949 - John Cade discovers that lithium is an effective treatment for bipolar depression
1950 - Eugene Roberts and J. Awapara independently identify GABA in the brain
1953 - Brenda Milner discusses patient HM who suffers from memory loss of hippocampal surgery
1956 - L. Leksell uses ultrasound to examine the brain
1957 - W. Penfield and T. Rasmussen devise motor and sensory humunculus
1962 - Eldon Foltz performs the first cingulotomy to treat chronic pain
1974 - John Hughes and Hans Kosterlitz discover enkephalin
1974 - M.E.Phelps, E.J.Hoffman and M.M.Ter Pogossian develop first PET scanner
1974 - First NMR image (a mouse) is taken

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